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Our Mission

We believe that getting outdoors is critical to a healthy mind and body, especially as mental health issues among kids have reached staggering rates in our fast-paced world(😔). 

That’s why we make it easy to find kids hiking gear and guides for families to explore the outdoors, be present in the moment and take care of our world.🌎

We partner with amazing nonprofits that work to conserve our wild lands and improve mental health and give back 15% of profits to support their efforts👍.

Packing List Essentials

We hand-select and design hiking gear and guides with amazing vendors and brands, so families can spend more time hiking and less time figuring how to get out there.

Our Story

Meghan and I fell in love in 2009 and now have 4 healthy kids. In our photo, we look happy. 

😞But the truth is, we’ve long-suffered from anxiety and depression.

And, according to the CDC, mental health disorders among kids in the U.S. have reached staggering rates.

🌞Fortunately, therapy and hiking have helped us accept our feelings and live a value-driven life of mindfulness, adventure and compassion. We believe hiking can help other families, too.  

One hike, one step, one moment at a time.

💞John & Meg

Behind The Brand

Inspired by the Adirondack Mountains in New York, our logo symbolizes the hiking experience–trail markers, mountains, forest colors and northern stars. The name “barkeater” is the English translation of the Mohican word “Adirondack.”

Barkeater Kid's Tenets

The three principles of Explore, Breathe and Grow help guide our journey on the trail and in life.


Live a rich and meaningful life. Adventure, peace and compassion are all out there.

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Be present in the moments, no matter how calming, difficult or unexpected they might be.

Be mindful


Hiking reveals new lessons of adventure, conservation and our abilities.

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💚Gratitude + Giving

Nonprofits work tireslessly to conserve our wilderness and support our mental health. Please donate or get involved. We give 15% of profits to our partners.