☁️Mindfulness Monday

☁️Mindfulness Monday

☁️Mindfulness Mondays is a weekly series that highlights techniques in accepting feelings and being present.

Kid mindfulness in Vermont mountains



Paying attention to the breath has long been a way to help people feel stable, centered, and grounded.

There are many breathing techniques that are great for kids and adults as well. When we are feeling overwhelmed by difficult emotions, we have been trying out 5-5-10 and mountain breathing.

🏔 5-5-10: breathe in for 5 count, hold for 5 count, and breathe out for 10 count.

🏔 Mountain breathing: hold your hand up and spread your fingers out, then using the pointer finger on your other hand "trace" up and down each finger taking a deep breath in as you trace up the finger and exhale as you trace down the finger. One hand= 5 deep breaths.

Photo credit: Meghan Ryan.
Post credit: Meghan Ryan.

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