šŸ„¾Trail TalkšŸ’¬

There are many ways we can teach our children the importance of CONSERVATION. Earning the title of "Habitat Hero" is a fun way to start. Habitat heroes are those who help protect nature. From cleaning up litter and removing debris...
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We first explored Steep Rock PreserveĀ @steeprockassociationĀ back in March of this year. The kids loved the trail, bridges, river banks, and tunnel! I kept thinking how fascinating this hike would be to do each season.The 235 ft tunnel, constructed in 1872...
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ā˜ļøMindfulness Monday
ā˜ļøMindfulness MondaysĀ is a weekly series that highlights techniques in accepting feelings and being present. Ā  BREATHE. Paying attention to the breath has long been a way to help people feel stable, centered, and grounded.There are many breathing techniques that are...
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